International Investment Arbitration

The rise of transnational business activity has drastically altered the landscape of cross-border investment activity. With increasing globalisation and the liberalisation of developing and emerging economies, foreign direct investment represents an important opportunity in today’s business world. States have in many cases responded by introducing protection for foreign investors, most commonly through Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs).

Such BITs are instruments of public international law and allow an investor to make a claim directly against a state in a predetermined arbitration environment, usually at the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in Washington, DC. ICSID offers a neutral forum for the settlement of disputes between investors and states away from the jurisdiction of national courts.

The legal dimensions of investor-state relationships and the challenges associated with public and private international law require a high level of expertise and experience. The initial structuring of the investment as well as skilled counsel in arbitration proceedings are crucial to ensure that a business can enjoy all the benefits of investment protection.

Our lawyers have worked on many of the most prominent investment arbitration cases in SEE / CEE and are uniquely placed to advise in this area.