Commercial Arbitration

International commercial arbitration has become the predominant method of resolving cross-border commercial disputes for several reasons:

  • Arbitration is flexible and efficient
  • Cases are resolved in a binding and private fashion by specialists in the applicable law and subject matter
  • Decisions are made in a neutral forum at a venue of the parties’ choice, usually without any involvement of public authorities or appellate bodies
  • A robust international treaty network makes for near universal enforceability

Our team offers a full spectrum of commercial arbitration-related services to international and domestic parties. Our particular expertise includes advice on the drafting of tailored arbitration clauses, consultation and representation throughout  the pre-arbitral process including adjudication, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, representation in institutional and ad-hoc proceedings, as well as support and representation in national court proceedings concerning the enforcement or challenging of arbitral awards. Our lawyers are constantly active in the world of international commercial arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrators, and regularly lecture on their fields of expertise.

For us, advice in arbitration cases requires not just legal knowledge but also a broader strategic and economic understanding. We therefore permanently seek to extend our knowledge beyond routine legal questions.