The Legal Framework for Arbitration in Luxembourg

General Information

  • UNCITRAL Model-Law based: No.
  • Legal Provisions: Articles 1224-1251 (III Book) of the Code of Civil Procedure, in force since 29 April 1806 (as amended).

Multilateral Conventions

  • New York Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 9 September 1983); reservations: reciprocity.
  • European Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 26 March 1982); reservations: except where otherwise expressly provided for in the arbitration agreement, the presiding judges of the local courts shall assume the functions entrusted to the presidents of the chambers of commerce under article IV of the Convention. The presiding judges shall hear the disputes in chambers.
  • ICSID Convention: Yes (ratification/accession: 30 July 1970); reservations: none.
  • Energy Charter Treaty: Yes (ratification/accession: 7 February 1997); reservations: none. Signed on 20 May 2015

Arbitral Institutions


Last updated November 2016